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Hennessey Communications has helped an array of nonprofit organizations in the Puget Sound area through providing seamless support across the communications spectrum. Our efforts have included everything from staffing the annual Seattle Pride festivities and handling all PR for the event to providing ongoing media and public relations to Treehouse in Seattle.

Two nonprofit organizations provide great examples of how the Hennessey team met the organizationís needs in a variety of ways:

The YMCA of Greater Seattle

Our team has worked with this critical nonprofit in 2007 to increase their media presence in the Seattle area. Among some of the key accomplishments have included proposing, editing and placing a guest editorial in the Seattle Times, proposing and coordinating a new monthly column in the West Seattle Herald, and proposing, arranging and coordinating a feature with KING 5's HealthLink. These are just a sample of the outreach activities Hennessey Communications has been coordinating for the YMCA.

Camp Fire USA

Hennessey Communications has a long history of working with Camp Fire USA, promoting the Seattle nonprofit successfully, including landing coverage on KING 5's Evening Magazine to an editorial in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Over the last year, Hennessey Communications also coordinated a very successful annual report for Camp Fire. This coordination included writing and editing the report, staging a photo shoot, designing the report, and coming up with this innovative photo cover, showing the years of change in this beloved organization.

To see the Camp Fire USA annual report, please click here.