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case studies: government

As a long-time government manager and public relations expert, Lauri Hennessey is very familiar with government processes, as well as with the mechanics of government community outreach. Her expertise and knowledge of government -- partnered with her background in community and media relations -- can help you in improving your outreach to the community.

Some key examples include:

Seattle Public Utilities – 2007 Water System Plan

A perfect example of Hennessey Communications’ ability to respond across the communications field is the firm’s work with Seattle Public Utilities in the summer of 2006. SPU was about to release a Water System Plan, and needed a firm that could provide a series of support materials.

As part of the assignment, Hennessey Communications wrote and designed an 8-page information piece, wrote, designed and place newspaper advertisements in newspapers across the region, wrote and designed a series of email marketing pieces, wrote and designed a Power Point presentation, and developed a series of guest commentaries for local papers. These assignments tapped into skills of various members of the Hennessey Communications team, and the entire project was the perfect example of the company being able to cover a broad array of services.

Communities Connects Network

Hennessey Communications has been the coordinator on contract with Communties Connect Network (CCN) for the last year, helping this new statewide effort in marketing, group communications, and much more. The group includes the City of Seattle, Washington State University, University of Washington, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. Hennessey Communications has worked with the group to conduct media training with nonprofits from across the state, set up and edit a website, work with the media, and other critical services.